Wax Melts

Wax Tarts for Warming Containers

I LOVE Soy Melts/Tarts. I Love the light the “Warmer” Produces in a dark area of my room. I love how much safer they are than a burning candle. And of course the scents of the soy melts.

Heart Melts

16 in a Container in 4 different Scents
Holds 5 oz of Soy melts
$13.00 each
3 for $35
5 for $50
Mix and Match Scents (see below for list of scent groupings)

Qty Option
First Scent Group
Second Scent Group
Third Scent

I can make this size Heart container with a custom scent filled with 10 full oz of Wax Melt , I’ve made some for myself, full of one scent each that are my favorite.

$25.00 each 10 oz one scent
3 for $70.00

I can customize a specific Scent for you. Say you loved “blank” Company’s Cherry Vanilla Tarts but cannot get them any longer. Send me an E-mail or FB message and I can see what I can do for you.

Round Melts

6 in a Container, 1 Scent
Holds 3 oz of Soy melts

Single Pack $8.00 each:
First Scent
3 for $21
First Scent
Second Scent
Third Scent

Scent Groups

I will also make the 10 oz size in any of these scents below and more.

Group 1Group 2
LilacGinger Peach
HoneysuckleAnju Pear Cinnamon
PeonyPumpkin Spice
MagnoliaApple Pie
Group 3Group 4
Black Cherry ChocolateDragons Blood
Pineapple NutmegLemongrass
SangriaWhite Tea
Blood OrangeBlack Currant Absinthe
Group 5Group 6
Lemon Lime Birchwood Oud
Strawberry Rhubarb Bayberry
Black RaspberryOakmoss & Amber
MangoSalty Mariner

Each Scent listed Above Comes in the Single 3 oz Round size
PLUS Stand Alone Scents:
Spiced Orange Amber