Ultimate Hydrating Body Butter

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Body Butter with all natural and organic butters, oils and essential oils.

There are no Preservatives in this cream, so there is a shelf life. Use within six months, or keep in the refrigerator. Preservatives are not usually used in body butter as there is no water and Essential oils have preserving properties.

Ingredients: All-natural and organic shea, cocoa, mango & kokum Butters, coconut oil and sweet almond oil, emulsifying wax, beeswax, arrow root, essential oils for fragrance, and minute amounts of all natural mica powder for color.


4 oz Size Jar $10.40 each or two for $8.00 (sale price)

8 oz Wide Top Jar $15.20 each or two for $13.00 (sale price)

12 oz Wide top Jar $22.20 each or two for $19.00 (sale price)

Scents Available:
Green Tea & Lemongrass
Mandarin Orange & Citron
Dragon's Blood
Baby’s Breath & Baby Powder Blend
Lavender & Chamomile
Oakmoss (Masculine Blend)
Ginger Peach
Lemon Lime Ginger Ale
Black Amber Lavender Vanilla
Jasmine Geranium Essentials - Specially made For Sensitive Skin