Miracle in a Jar

20 natural essential oils for 20 types of pain

NEW & IMPROVED with new Essentials & Minerals added to the ointment. Better Consistency, smoother texture. Vast Improvement on the amount needed per application. Pleasing Scent, even better than before.

When I could not find a pain relief cream that really helped with the chronic pain I have I did my research and found that out of all the pain creams there wasn’t one that “had it all”. Meaning that “blank” cream had 8 ingredients and “Blank” cream had different 10 ingredients, etc.… I found none with the full Monty. My top drawer has dozens of pain creams and ointments I have tried over the last 8 years, and most of them are still mostly full. After researching all the Ingredients (See extensive list below) that will topically AND Internally help relieve pain, I found I couldn’t afford to buy these essential oils just to make myself a couple big jars of cream. Some of the ingredient’s that have very high pain relieving properties were $10 to $30 per ounce , Yikes !!! So I decided I needed to sell this product and help others find relief for their pain, naturally. And help myself as well. In testing, I made some with all the listed ingredients then added high dose of CBD oil. Gave unmarked samples to people and found that they said they found no difference in relief between them. Now, I take CBD every day. It helps keep me on my feet. But to use topically, doesn’t seem to make any difference than the lesser expensive Essential oils.

16 OZ JAR - $169.00
8 OZ JAR - $95.00
4 OZ JAR - $53.00
2 OZ JAR - $29.00 (New size!)
1 OZ JAR - $15.00

¼ oz Sample sizes available to “Try before you buy” Cost for Shipping & Handling only. 1 per Adult only. Please Contact Us to request one.

Save money by buying larger sizes All but the 1 oz are in Amber Glass jars which protects the essentials from UV light which degrades the strength. And helps keep the cream cooler. (see below for optimal temp)


DIRECTIONS: Take a half teaspoon to teaspoon size scoop, and rub into areas you have pain I found that if you spend a good 5 minutes rubbing it into your skin helps the absorption and the pain relief comes quicker & is more effective. It will feel greasy at first, but it absorbs quickly. You’ll be left with very soft skin. You May notice teeny tiny beads in the cream, it’s MSN powder that didn’t quite dissolve, they will brush off easily. The cream will feel oily at first, but absorbs quickly.

Keep your jar cool, Temperature must be no higher than 65 or it will melt. 61 degrees is optimal. Do not leave your jar in the sun, even at 61 degrees the sun will cause it to soften. Don’t throw it out if it does melt ! Put it in the refrigerator and keep stirring as it cools. It doesn’t take long, 10 to 30 minutes depending on ounces. If you keep your home warm, keep your jar in the refrigerator.

I have also used this cream on minor skin wounds and acne with great results for healing.

Please take the time to do a skin test for allergies. Rub a very small amount into the inside of your elbow. Wait 10 to 15 minutes to see if you develop a rash. If you do, then you should not use this cream. There are a number of strong Essential Oils in this pain cream, you could be sensitive to. A normal warming or slight stinging feeling is normal from the capsaicin (Cayenne) oil.

A 16 ounce Jar lasted me a little over 2 months, and I use it twice a day over 30% of my body, A little goes a long way.

WARNING FOR PREGNANT OR NURSING WOMEN: DO NOT USE this cream. Wormwood, Belladonna & Wintergreen are suggested Essential oils for pregnant or nursing Women to avoid.

To be Safe, don’t use this on Children younger than 6 and for Children 6 & Older use sparingly. Putting a dab on a boo-boo, bug bites, Bruises things like that are fine. But always best to check with your pediatrician first.

“Hal massaged the cream onto my lower back and shoulder area/neck, where the worst of my pain is. And I felt amazing relief in less than 5 seconds. We found that the longer it is rubbed in, the better it works.”
“I had a horrible Charlie Horse in my left inside thigh, the other night. I got up in the night to find my jar of cream and rubbed it into the muscle, and like 3 seconds of rubbing Charlie horse was gone, and I mean Gone, Gone. Usually I suffer for hours and sometimes days with these horrible spasms.”
“Today I had some nerve pain in my brachial Plexus nerve in my left shoulder. Bad enough that i was on the verge of heading down to the hospital. But I decided I would try the cream first. I rubbed it All over that shoulder and my neck area. 10 min later I said to Hal that the pain wasn't as sharp. My arthritis has been super bad lately, and it's been helping the horrible pain I have in my hands. I am so very pleased with this cream. And you don't need much, just a smidge spreads over large area. “
New Essentials added:
  • Capuacu Butter - This is made from the seeds of the Capuacu Fruit from Brazil. A Cousin of Cacoa. An Antioxidant & Anti inflammatory. Has amazing pain relieving abilities. Used in Brazil to ease Labor, and Abdominal pains. High in Vit E. It is also used as a natural product to stabilize shelf life in products.
  • Kokum Butter - Garcinia Indica, a fruit from India. Used as a natural thickener to add firmness to creams and lotions. High in Omegas 3, 6 and 9. The benefits to skin are numerous.
  • Bees wax - We all know the benefits and uses for bees wax, but did you know it is an Anti Inflammatory and helps ease pain and joint stiffness…. Is used as an Antiseptic, treats infections including Fungal.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron - You will not believe what this AMAZING natural Herb is, nor will you believe what this homeopathic plant derivative can do. It would be a smaller list if I listed what it can’t do. Read on to be as amazed as I was when researching natural pain relievers. Rhus Tox, is Posion Ivy…. I bet your mouth just dropped open. And NO you will not get itching oozing blisters using it. Don’t believe me, google it. In fact if you are allergic to Poison Ivy, take Rhus tox orally and over time you will become immune. I just started taking it orally for a pain reliever. According to my research, I found several articles saying that it helps to HEAL. Not just take pain away for a few hours but Heal what Is causing the pain !! Taking Orally Rhus Tox, Reduces inflammation, Reduces pain from ALL Types of Arthritis including Rheumatoid, Fibromyalgia, Reduces Fever, Muscle Spasms, Body aches, RESTLESS LEG, Joint Stiffness, Sciatica, the Flu, Heals Herpes and all Skin Conditions… just to name a few. I thought if it does all this when ingested it cannot hurt to put it in this pain cream. I found one pain cream made by another company that uses it in their cream and that is how I learned about Rhus Tox.
  • Jamaican Dogwood – Used in small doses for Fibromyalgia pain, Nerve Pain, Headaches, Muscle Spasms, RLS even PMS pain. Is a natural mood booster and used to reduce anxiety. Can calm a Cough as well.
  • Tangerine Oil – Anti inflammatory, Anti Bacterial. Relieves Muscle Spasms and Nerve Pain. Promotes Weight loss. Is a Natural Mood booster. And is used as a Cancer preventative.
  • California Poppy – Used to reduce Muscle Spasms, Restless leg syndrome and Headaches, is a natural Pain reliever. Used as a Sedative and helps calm anxiety. (We all remember the field of Poppys in The Wizard of Oz right)
  • Phosphorous – This is a mineral that we need for a healthy body. Most of us get enough in what we Eat and drink. Its helps to keep our bones and teeth strong. In fact every cell in our bodies is full of thisMineral including our Skin. Taken Orally Phosphorus will reduce kidney and gall stones, even reducing bone spurs !!
  • Boron – This is an important Mineral needed for all cells in our bodies. Bone to Muscles. Boron is an anti Inflammatory, and Natural Pain reliever for Arthritis and Muscle Spasms. Important in breast health, Prostate health, relieves PMS symptoms,
  • White Willow Bark (Tree) - Contains Salicin, the main ingredient in Aspirin. Reduces Inflammation, Reduces pain due to Arthritis, Muscle pain & Spasms, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Back pain, Joint Pain
  • Arnica Montana (Plant) - Anti inflammatory, Reduces Bruising & pain from Bruise, Reduces swelling. Reduces pain of Arthritis, Joint pain, Muscle Spasms and pain, Treats Fibromyalgia pain.
  • Wild Lettuce (Plant) “Lactucarium” - Has Similar effect as in Opium. Lowers Stress & Anxiety, reduces Inflammation, helps Restless leg syndrome, Menstrual pain, treats Muscle pain & Spasms.
  • German Chamomile (Plant) - Relieves pain from Migraines, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Relieves pain from Shingles, Warning- German Chamomile Can produce Premature Labor
  • Wintergreen (Plant) - Anti inflammatory, Relieves Nerve Pain. 1/2 Teaspoon has same pain relieving quantity As 30 Aspirins !!
  • Wormwood (plant) - Relieves Muscle & Joint Pain, Reduces Nerve Pain. The famous green Liquor Absinthe Is made from Wormwood. Toxic in high quantity’s. Wormwood has so many wonderful benefits, but I am only mentioning the pain benefits.
  • Belladonna (Plant) - Yes, this is one of those plants that was used as a poison in the dark ages, but that is In high quantities. In small doses, it relieves Joint pain, Muscle Pain & Spasms, Restless leg Syndrome, And works wonderful for Nerve pain. Warning - Again, for Pregnant women I would stay away from the use of this cream.
  • Black Spruce (Tree) - Improves Circulation and blood flow, Treats Muscle pain & Spasms, Treats Restless Leg Syndrome.
  • MSM (Mineral) - “ Methylsulfonylmethane” Which is a Natural Mineral. Has tons of Benefits and I used A lot in this cream. Actually “Blocks” Nerve Pain, Muscle and Joint pain, Arthritis Pain, Back Pain.
  • Helichrysum (Plant) - Relaxes Muscles & Connective Tissue, Helps Relieve Acute Chronic Pain.
  • St Johns Wart (Plant) - Best for pain from Neuropathy, Which is nerve pain.
  • DMSO “Dimethylsulfoxide” - This is an AMAZING Product, that was actually found in Germany. Speeds Healing, Reduces Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain, Treats Nerve Pain, Migraines. Muscle & joint pain.
  • Devils Claw (Plant) - Awesome Nerve pain reducer, Pain from Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, Muscle & Joint pain.
  • Turmeric (Root) - Reduces Inflammation & Helps circulation.
  • Magnesium (Mineral) - Relieves Muscle Spasms
  • Black Pepper (plant) - Reduces Pain & Inflammation, Helps with Absorption.
  • Lidocaine (Medicine) - Local Anesthetic, Nerve Block. Helps in getting Immediate relief from Pain.
  • Lavender (Plant) - Great for Migraines, Reduces Stress & General Pain.
  • Wild Orange (Fruit) - Although I used this for scenting Cream, it also has wonderful Properties to Help reduce pain. It’s a natural Anti Inflammatory. Warning- When Using Citrus oils of any kind, it is best to avoid direct sunlight on areas you applied To the skin.
  • Nutmeg (Nut) - Same as the wild orange, I used this for scenting. But knew it had Pain relieving Properties. And it has tons. A natural Sedative, Anti Inflammatory, Relieves, Joint Pain, Arthritis Pain & Muscle Spasms.