About Us.

My Friends, Welcome to Beyond the Branches.

As a former chef and resort owner for 24 years, I have a lot of experience creating products. Whether it be designing room décor, Culinary art or making beautiful soaps & lotions, they are extremely similar, it is all art. I love creating beautiful things for all five senses. And I want others to enjoy the benefits from using products that are so much healthier for you and your family.

People ask me all the time "What made you decide to start making soaps?" What they don’t say out loud is "at your age". But it’s true, I have questioned myself too. Well, several things came into play over a few months. I am 59 years old and live in chronic pain. I have fibromyalgia, severe degenerative Disk Disease, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, herniated disks, neuropathy, chronic migraines, to name the worst of it. To sum it all up, I have pain and it’s debilitating. My condition is a hard pill to swallow for someone who has always been very active. I think I have tried every pain relieving lotion, cream, tincture and supplement out there! I have never been really happy with any one product, even CBD.

After spending weeks of research, I found several highly recommended topical pain relief creams that lacked certain terrific natural pain relievers. Some had many great ingredients, and others had different great ingredients. None of them had ALL of the ingredients in one cream. That’s when I said, "if this cream works okay, I bet it would be Amazing to put them all together in one cream!”

So I designed and made my recipe and started using it on myself and my husband first of March 2019 and I'm VERY Happy to say…. with HUGE success !!! Not only does it ease my pain, but it also has helped the horrible Muscle Cramps we both get. This topical ointment has been the only reason I can continue to work as hard as I do. Starting a new company and making all the products has been a tremendous amount of time on my feet, which in turn is hard my back. I knew that I needed to share my discovery with others. Everybody has pain in some form or another, but my goal was to help those that live with daily pain. Since it’s only been a few weeks, I don’t have a ton of reviews. But I will tell you the ones that have tried a sample have had 100% success in reducing their pain.

I have wanted to make our own bath and body products for years now. I love working with scents and colors. Whether it be in cooking or making & decorating gorgeous soaps. My kids tease me all the time "don’t mix your cookie batter with your lotion base", lol. Seriously though, I make soaps, butters, lotions that smell and look like food. Some even make me hungry. I made Lemon Ginger ale liquid body soap and it made me crave a Ginger ale so bad that I made my husband stop at store and buy me one. I made Maple scented Soap for a resteraunt and gift shop that sells Maple syrup products. That night, I made crepes for my supper, and of course used local made Maple syrup. And oh man, My Espresso exfoliating soap… YUM !!!!

Not only are they pretty and smell wonderful, there is also the worry about what goes in and on my body, as should you. Once I started researching product ingredients, which most people including me, couldn’t even begin to pronounce, let alone understand, I was beyond shocked! What is even worse, is how several supposedly "Natural" products deemed safe for consumption or used in bath and beauty products are not really natural. They may have originated from nature, but were transformed of synthesized into a chemical.

Unfortunately these days, all of us put loads of chemicals on our skin. The biggest organ in the body, the skin is designed to act as a barrier to our insides. However, skin is quite porous, allowing many of the chemicals in our bath and beauty products to pass through and pollute the body with toxins. Sadly, the majority of the products we use every day can have a profound effect on our health. Most lotions & shampoos for example, contain the ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a mutagen. Most conditioners also include the ingredient methylisothiazolinone, another mutagen, which is also suspected to be cancer causing. Some shaving creams, body soaps, and even toothpaste have ingredients that are toxic or even cancerous.

I have done my best to stay as pure as possible. But Any products that have water of any kind in them must have a preservative or it will go bad very quickly. I would need to have a walk in cooler to keep them in until sold. Then the consumer would need to keep in a refrigerator. But I have kept the preservatives as natural and minimal as possible.

For sure “Going Natural” does not come cheap. The ingredients I use are grown all over the world and the only way to get them, is to buy the oil already pulled from the plant. So it is understandable that consumers purchase cheaper products that are slowly poisoning them, knowingly or unknowingly. The same goes for our food. Unless you grow or raise it yourself, Organic cost more. So what are we to do… save some money or live healthier and longer lives. We need to take care of our bodies as best as we possibly can, because it is the only one that God has given us here on earth.

Please visit me on Facebook, Beyond the Branches. If you have facebook, I will see your messages quicker than e mail. Until the CART is finished being built, I can still take orders through paypal. I do charge shipping, but I keep it at a minimal 10% of the order. There is some items like lotions and Creams I cannot ship in hot temps. Since warehouses and delivery trucks are not cooled. Temps much over 70 degrees will melt the product.

God’s Blessings,
Deb Blood